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// August 16, 2018
"¡Siempre pa'lante, no mires pa'trás!" - Marc Anthony (Always forward, don't look back!)
The Official Site for Spanish at
Wagner Middle School
Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! Bienvenue! Bem-vindos! Benvenuti! Willkommen! እንኯን ደህና መጡ::


"Learning Spanish is hard." Spanish may not be the most difficult class that you have in your high school career, but it is the most difficult subject. It involves the whole brain and many processes that separate it from other fields. Another unique aspect of foreign language is that our existing knowledge often interferes with the use and internalization of a second language.

In the past, I have written about the way that language is acquired and the reason why most Spanish classes fail to teach us usable language. This year my focus is different. My goal is not to teach you Spanish, but rather to give you the tools so that you can learn Spanish yourself.

As the parent of an 8th grade student myself, that statement would give me pause. However, it has been my experience over the past seven years that no matter how knowledgeable, energetic, and attentive the teacher, the only one who can initiate real learning is the student. What I can do is provide my students with the tools, knowledge, and opportunity to motivate themselves.

My expectations are simple:

1. Use the organizational tools that I teach you (Cornell notes, planner and binder checks).

2. Fully and respectfully participate in the speaking practice we have at the beginning of each class.

3. Honestly and thoroughly complete the assignments given without the aid of a translator. 


At the beginning of Spanish 1 we are like infants learning to speak. This is difficult for 13 year-olds who have become very socially conscious. However, we are all in the same boat. No one is judging you. Your best effort becomes a better effort tomorrow, and one thing is clear: You all speak English, so you are able to speak another language.


Spanish class is conducted in Spanish. Accept it, live it, love it. If you need explanation in English, then you may request a workshop in class. You are also able to see me any day of the week for tutorials (sign up above). Everyone will succeed in this class if they trust the system and apply the strategies learned here at Wagner. You are the master of your own destiny; I am just there to guide you through.

¡Cuídense mucho y nos vemos en clase!


Sr. Thompson

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